Natural drinking straws

100% natural drinking straws made of reed ... to help our Planet

More and more businesses choose natural materials to reduce the harmful environmental impact on the Planet.
This is our Home, one for everybody.
Let's see, what materials stand out as an alternative to polluting ones

Here we are!
wheat, rye

If you compare...

Compared to straws made of other natural materials, reed straw benefits because:


Withstands temperatures over 120 Сelsius

Doesn't soak in water

100% biodegradable.
No composting needed

Doesn't release cellulose fibers into water

Has diameters from 3 to 13 mm

Our straws advantages over competitors on the market:

Highest quality straw processing

The minimum cost

Batches upto hundreds of thousands items

The game changing straw

These days, the number eco-conscious consumers is growing exponentially, and they are driving change by buying more eco-friendly products. Show your customers that you’re paying attention to their needs, and swap out your old straws to a simple natural alternative.

A small change for big results!

Our products. We are proud of them.


50 straws,
200 straws

50 straws, 200 straws


50 straws,
200 straws

50 straws, 200 straws


50 straws,
200 straws

50 straws, 200 straws

Extra Large

25 straws,
200 straws

25 straws, 200 straws

Wholesale natural straws

Feel free to contact us if you plan to get our reed drinking straws wholesale.
Or, if you want to be a partner.
Or, if you just would like to know more about alternative materials to change the world.

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