The most eco-friendly straws are made from... reed. 100% natural.


Biodegradable straws to help our planet

Currently, there is a ban on the use of disposable plastic. At the moment, such basic
materials as an alternative to plastic stand out:

  • Starch Starch
  • Bamboo Bamboo
  • Straw<br>  (wheat, rye) Straw
    (wheat, rye)
  • Paper Paper
  • Reed<br>  Here we are Reed
    Here we are advantages:

Keeps temperature above
120 degrees
Doesn't soak in water
Composts under normal conditions
Doesn't release cellulose
fibers into water
Has different types of
straws in thickness.

Advantages over competitors:

  1. Highest quality straw processing
  2. The minimum cost
  3. The ability to order batches in tens
    and hundreds of thousands.

Get Your Business Plastic-free

These days, eco-conscious consumers are driving change by buying more eco-friendly products. Show your customers that you’re paying attention, and swap out your plastic straws with a simple biodegradable alternative. A small change with big results!


  • Slim


    50 straws, 200 straws

  • Medium


    50 straws, 200 straws

  • Large


    50 straws, 200 straws

  • Exrta Large

    Exrta Large

    25 straws, 200 straws

Wholesale natural straws

If you are interested in buying the wholesale amount of our wheat or cane straws
or want to partner with us, feel free to contact us by email